About YOUNG 

It’s quite clear that Hip Hop’s newest take over YOUNG is Here , YOUNG has a true hit on his hands. Since breaking onto the scene with His first mix tape “Loved By Few HATED BY MANY” in early 2006, YOUNG has continued to surprise and ignite all that come into contact with his music. True to his craft and far beyond the gimmicks and lies that currently flood the essence of Hip Hop, this artist has more than just music to offer. Setting out to bring music’s focus back to the true origin of New York and dedicated to representing the South Side Bronx Baby Face YOUNG Has it all in perspective. “I don’t want to cheat MySelf,” claims Baby Face YOUNG, as he reaches up to adjust his blue and white NY fitted. “I don’t make records that don’t represent Me or what I’ve been through. New York only respects the truth and that’s what I give off in My music. ” When asked about his influences, He collectively mention the names of New York’s biggest rappers, Jay-Z and 50cent. As the next to take over New York and the newest face YOUNG is well on his way to becoming A permanent fixture on the music scene. With a demo library that includes hits like “Sexy & Fine”  "Human Nature” and “The Mack” any established record label would be crazy not to sign Him. Now is the time for YOUNG To take what's Rightfully His As The KING Of The BRONX 

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